World Of Aridai -

I need your input on the future of this server!

-Nerfed exp for mining items signifigantly in order to reflect quickness of mining.
+pumpkin pie now gives exp.
-Vip and above can now change their nickname via /nick nickname (all nicknames have a ~ in front of them.)
-towny liasons are now spartangod6, and DarstOmega, meaning they can create towns for mayors and resolve any towny issues for you.
-town mayors can toggle, fire spread, explosions and mobs in their own towns. Pvp is still enabled in all regions
-Bounties are now anonymous until the bounty is accepted. Meaning name of bounty is only visible once the bounty has been accepted.
-Explosions from Creepers now turned on, however these explosions roll back after 45 seconds
-Updated rules and motd.
-Dungeons auto-reset every 12 hours now.
-Better server management system (quicker response times from me to fix issues in the future)
-Sponsor Rank enabled! No extra perks currently but you will be getting some very soon! IF you are the wrong rank please tell me in game or @

-Slight nerf (.2) to warrior health gained per level.

+Logging off during pvp now causes you to drop all your items and equipped items. (Does not affect people who are disconnected by the server or their clients crashing)
+Dragon Travel now costs 250coins.
-Dragon Travel can no longer be used to escape from pvp, command is locked until you are out of pvp combat.
+A Secret feature that will be announced later! (it's in the game, just a little broke at the moment.)

+New simple address for the server.
+Chests no longer auto-lock when placing signs next to them.

+Added list of grief-able blocks to the rules section.

+New players starter kit has been adjusted to: Full wood tools set, and 5 bread.

+Level 5 skills for classes have been set to level 1, should make early game a little more accessible.
+Fixed Mob health bars.
+Fixed the ability to use potions.
+Voting is online! Vote reward is 25 coins.
-Lowered Mage mana regen by 50%
+Replaced Warrior skill Glass Shield With Safe Fall.
+Updated Several Wiki entries that were out of date.

-Lowered Creeper explosion damage by 10
+Buffed most nether creatures
+Minor bugfixes
+Private Chests no longer automatically happen when placed in towns.
+Private Chests now available outside of towns.
+Private Chests done by using sign [private]
+Price to keep gear in dungeons is increased to 100 coins when you die.
+Explorer max level is now 35, this is to give you a cushion of exp in order to enchant items.
+Chainmail added to dungeon loot table.

-All class info up to date. From now on the wiki news will contain the most recent updates and gameplay changes.

+Town taxes have been increased to 150 coins per day.
+Claiming additional land for your town increased to 200 coins.
+Town shops are now available for purchase at spawn.
+Added basic command list to wiki. (Thanks to MasterMan229/IcallHacks for writing it.)

(some changes may not take effect until the next automatic server restart)

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